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Some of the customers at FloorTrader`s Binding service choose serging to finish the edges of their carpet remnants. The finished look FloorTrader`s Workroom professionals provide is much more luxurious and is the most often used carpet finish for high end carpeting materials. The carpet or remnant edges are finished with a tightly wound  Serging thread instead of typical binding tape, performed in a professional, fast turnaround time.

Rugs Sizes 

  • 3`x5` - £10.00

  • 4`x6` - £20.00

  • 5`x7` - £30.00

Other sizes also ​​in store for more details   please Call 01226 340373 Between 9am to 5pm Or 07780 658660 Anytime!



Bring your hallways to life in an instant!

with our amazing range of hallway carpet runners here at The FloorTrader. 

The hallway is one of the highest traffic areas in the home, with family members coming in and out as well as guests, flooring can become worn down in this space. The perfect solution is to place down one of our high quality hallways runners. protecting flooring from muddy footprints. The pile of the hallway runners is thick so it will withstand people walking through, making it a long lasting solution to keeping your wooden flooring clean.

Runner Sizes

  • 2`6x5` - £10.00

  • 2`6x8` - £15.00

  • 2`6x10` - £20.00

Other sizes also ​​in store for more details   please Call 01226 340373 Between 9am to 5pm Or 07780 658660 Anytime!

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Car Sets

We tailor and manufacture high-quality carpet car mats to fit all popular models of cars. You can choose from a wide range of carpet and colour to suit your car. Universal sets available or you can bring your old set into the store and we can make you a new set using the old ones as a template. To enquire about this service please contact us on 

Tel: 01226 340373 9am To 5pm

Mobile: 07780 658660 Anytime!

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Caravan & Boat Sets

We specialize in edging shaped mats. We recommend finishing the edges with a polypropylene yarn which gives maximum durability on the edge and doesn't cause carpet to curl up on the corners which does happen when finishing with a taped edge. To make a set of mats we will need to use your old set to copy from or some templates made by yourselves. An average sized Motorhome, Caravan or Boat set we can make for £80.00 for the set would usually cost around £300 to £400. To find out more about this unique service please contact us on

01226 340373 Or 07780 658660


Artificial Grass Mats

For both indoor or outdoor use, this artificial grass mat really does look like the real thing. Non abrasive grass, with a soft texture, comfortable to sit on, and ideal for laying on hard floors. Handy size artificial grass mats, that really do look like the real thing. Ideal for small world play, or as sit upons, indoors or outside. Non abrasive grass, with a soft texture.

  • Put this artificial turf on the balcony or patio for your kids to play on.

  • Great for your decks, patios, yards, parks, picnics, camping, boats, and other outdoor decoration.

  • This artificial grass brings the joy of walking barefoot in the garden without the hassle of a real lawn. It is perfect for adding a relaxing garden mood to a roof terrace or balcony.


Personal Carpet Edging Service

THE FLOOR TRADER are proud to offer a unique. . in house carpet edging service where a huge variety of products can be custom made to suit  your budget and requirements.
We are happy to tell you after much trade research we can confirm that in most cases we are 50% - 75% cheaper than other carpet edging manufacturers, again offering a price beating service.
How do we do it? EASY!! We don't send our products away, we manufacture them ourselves, on our own premises, cutting out the middle man. . giving you the best price!!


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