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We at FloorTrader`s Carpet Binding service choose serging to finish the edges of carpet remnants. The finished look FloorTrader`s Workroom professionals provide is much more luxurious and is the most often used carpet finish for high end carpeting materials. The carpet or remnant edges are finished with a tightly wound Serging thread instead of typical binding tape, performed in a professional, fast turnaround time.

What is the Difference Between Binding and Serging an Area Rug?

Below is information and images of what binding and serging looks like on the edge of a rug.  Read down to see which one we prefer to use, looks the most elegant, and lasts the longest.

What is binding? 

Most standard carpet binding is folded over the edge of a rug and stitched on with a binding machine that is similar to a commercial sewing machine. The finished width is approximately. ¼ to 3/8 inch, or 1 1/2″ with a cotton canvas binding. The colors are generally matched close to the field color of the rug so the edge is not noticeable, just finished nicely.  Binding gives a rug more of a tailored look, a classic finish giving a rug an elegant finish.

What is Serging? 

A serged edge is a continues wrap of yarn that wraps around the edge of a rug. The finished width is approximately. 3/8 inch. 

At FloorTrader we offer serged edges on our custom rugs. it is our opinion that a serged edge is a much better choice in finishing your area rug.

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Bound edge on the "Left" Serged edge on the "Right"


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